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Sisters....A Daily Journal of Memories
Dimensions: 5"x7"

Sisters share so many experiences while growing up together: working and playing, fighting and scheming, laughing and crying. This book, created by two sisters, is a celebration of those memories shared. The book features one question per day and room to write within a framed page on beautifully flecked paper. Scattered throughout the book are classic photographs of many sisters doing the things that sisters do!

Give to yourself and your sister, to exchange once completed. Give to anyone who has a close relationship with her sister. Give to your daughters to fill out for each other.

Sample Questions:
- A gift you gave me that I love is...
- Remember playing hide and seek?
- Mom always used to tell us...
- The biggest mess we ever made together was...
- One of my favorite times spent with you is...
- I can remember when Mom or Dad read to us from...
$ 15.00 ea.

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Printed in the USA!

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