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Mom Tell Me One More Story
Dimensions: 8" x 5"

Tell Me One More Story can be completed by a parent for an adult child. The questions will help mom and dad recall the stories of their son or daughter's childhood. Give it to your parents empty, or write in it for your own grown-up boy or girl.

Used as a baby book, the journal can be added to as the child grows, making this journal also a sweet gift for baby showers and new pregnancies!

The book contains chapters such as: Before I Was Born, Knees to Wheels, This Hurts Me More Than it Does You, Things That Go Bump in the Night, Are We Almost There?
Parent/Child photos on many pages add to the humor and interest.

Once completed, a personalized baby book will become a treasure to any son or daughter, and become great material for family conversations!

Sample questions:
Tell about our very first moments together.
What inventions do we have around our homes now that weren't widely available when I was a baby?
Was there a time when you let me learn my lesson the hard wa
Tell about a time when you enjoyed watching me gain confidence in something.
What did I say that embarrassed you in public?
What special things did I learn from my grandparents?
What did you do to make me feel better when I was sick?
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