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Life In the Purple Wedge
Dimensions: 43 pages

As author Van Harden mentions in the book, he may not be telling the reader anything they
hadn’t heard before. But he does a masterful job of taking the puzzle pieces we’ve all known
or heard, and putting them together in a brand new way. Life in the Purple Wedge gives
perspective on the unique situation in which Christians constantly find themselves: living in
two worlds at the same time. Harden says the most satisfied people in the world seem to be
those who know who they are, from where they came, where they are, and where they are
going. In a simple, yet profound way, that is what you’ll learn in “Life in the Purple Wedge:
Finding Yourself on the Map and How That Changes Everything.” Author Van Harden is known nationally for his creative broadcasting career and inventions. Through his 27 year leadership as Program Director of 50 thousand watt WHO radio in Des Moines, the station has been awarded 13 national Marconi Awards, the radio equivalent of the Emmy, five of which he has received personally for his own morning radio program, which he has hosted for those entire 27 years. He has also owned a radio station and hosted a TV show, but more important to Van has been his 30 years as an adult Bible teacher. He has taught and spoken in many churches and denominations, but has always insisted on teaching straight out of the Bible, which he calls “our owner’s manual.”
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